Hexin produces an entire variety of chemical products, meeting demands of all fields and industries.

Hexin chemicals is well known across China and abroad for its excellent properties.

PU Resin for Wet Process


  • General Type Resin for Wet Process
  • Wet Process Resin for Hydrolysis Resistance
  • Intermediate & High Grade Furniture Leather
  • No Cell, Wet Process Resin for Patent Leather
  • PU Resin for Special Dipping Process
  • Wet Process Resin for Micro-fiber Leather
  • High Peeling Strength Resin for Gym Shoe Leather
  • Wet Process Resin for Nubuck Leathers
  • Wet Process Resin for Laber Leather
  • Wet Process Resin for Split Leather
  • Dipping Resin for Safety Glove


Applicable to shoes, shoe lining, sofa, bags, garments, working gloves etc.

PU Resin for Dry Process
Solvent Free PU for Synthetic Leather
PU Pigment/Color Chip
Surface Agent (After Treatment Lacquer) & Additives
Bronzing/Foil Printing/Laminating PU
Polyurethane Prepolymer for Tire/Wheel & Shoe Sole
Dry Process Resin for Direct Coating