How to maintain a sustainable economic development under resource and environmental constraints? As a manufacturer, Hexin takes over social responsibilities in achieving the more challenging, rigorous, and appealing. Hexin aims to provide sustainable products in line with all the moral values obscured from our industry. Striving forth in creation for a more unique and environmental-friendly future for synthetic leather will continue to be our ultimate goal.


Creating a competitive corporate green brand, building low carbon society future together.


Coordinating social and environmental improvement to achieve sustainable development.


Green design, manufacturing, products, and supply chain.
Green Design
Green Manufacturing
Green Products
Green Supply Chain
Green Design

Hexin has been committing to improve and explore the industrial chain value, introducing green design concepts in raw material manufacture, product process flow, quality control, and product development to promote sustainable development in the industry. From 2017, the proportion of green design investment among total R&D investment rose from 40% to 73%. With such statistics, green models and designs prove its ability and potential to take lead in both present and future. In 2020, Zhejiang Hexin New Material Co., Ltd. was recognized by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology as a national green design demonstration enterprise.