We provide comprehensive solutions to all industrial fields, ranging from the most basic chemical raw materials, adhesives, toners to more complex PU synthetic leather and microfiber base fabrics, including dyeing and treatment, etc. The complete industrial chain grants us to satisfy customers different needs, allowing us to work alongside with customers to carry out technological innovations and even look back down into the molecular structure. Such customized solutions let us build a long-term mutual relationship to grow together with customers.

Synthetic Leather
Zhejiang Hexin New Material Co., Ltd. serves as the “PU synthetic leather department store.” Offering a wide selection from base fabrics to synthetic leathers such as dry, wet, water-based, solvent-free PU, the company provides a wide spectrum of customable products. Star product Reconite   ®, a form of synthetic leather made from recycled leather, and Econa   ®, a green synthetic leather based from recycled plastics, have been well acclaimed. Hexin products, with its stable quality, won numerous national and provincial science and technology progress awards. Given such recognition as a national high-tech enterprise, Hexin proves its ability in further advancement.

Adopting Kuraray Co.,Ltd.’s microfiber technology, a Sino- Japanese joint venture, Hexin Kuraray Microfiber Leather(Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. With Kuraray leveraging the most advanced technologies, the polyester microfiber used to create Hexin microfiber synthetic leather and microfiber suede was able to become so light that a 900km strand could weigh less than a single gram. Hexin Kuraray microfiber materials ensure customers a superlative new option for premium quotidian leather usage.

In 2009, Jiaxing Sweide Suede Microfiber Co., Ltd., was set up, specialized in the dyeing and finishing of suede microfiber synthetic leather. The establishment marks Hexin's determination to advance in the subdivision field while providing brands and designers an entire new field of possibilities.

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