Excellent talents mark the cornerstone of Hexin’s development journey. People-oriented, Hexin believes that in order to build an open and honest working environment for workers, the working community has to be built upon each other’s strength and respect. Hexin provides a broad stage for each employee to not only push forth the company’s development, but also theirs. Accompanied with such value, Hexin has achieved a mutual relationship to let employees’ value reflect the corporate essence which in turn cultivates a well-rounded and productive team.

Employees are the key to Hexin's development. According to manufacturing necessities, Hexin and its subsidiaries carry out nearly a hundred trainings for employees annually, covering multiple fields such as finance, HR, technology, production, management, security, and etc. We wish to achieve a mutual relationship and collaborative development between employees and the company.

Skill Competition

In order to incite enthusiasm and initiative for skills and technical knowledge improvement as long as improvement, Hexin regularly holds staff skills competition. During competition, employees communicate with each other in exchange for experiences. Such activities in turn cultivate a better working space that urges for cohesion and centripetal force across the team.

Employee Development

Hexin is the first batch of companies in Jiaxing to have the right to appraise professional titles independently. It is also the first batch of companies to pass Zhejiang Vocational Skill Level Certification and Evaluation. Enterprises can independently evaluate various industrial skills and issue certificates with valid social recognition.

Independent reviews of professional titles and vocational skill levels promote healthy competition within the company and boosts market competitiveness of both the comp- any and its employees.

Occupational Health

Fully guaranteeing occupational health and safety is Hexin’s solemn commitment to its employees. In addition to the necessary labor protection products and regular physical examinations, Hexin uses a variety of methods to strictly control noise, hazardous chemicals volatilization, dust, radiation and high temperature. Long-term investment in and maintenance the machinery, equipment, even the raw materials, while conducting regular inspections on various indicators of occupational health and safety risks.

Emergency Drills

Hexin regularly organizes emergency rescue drills for hazardous chemical accidents every year to strengthen employees' ability to deal with sudden and major accidents, learn to use various disaster relief facilities correctly, improve emergency rescue rapid response and coordination, and improve self-rescue and rescue capabilities.

Charity Foundation

Hexin Charity Foundation was established in 2018, with the purpose of "fraternal love for Hexin, caring for employees", to alleviate poverty, to help employees and their families who are in difficulties due to illness or accidents. Hexin actively undertake and fulfill the corporate social responsibility.

Staff Communication

Hexin has set up an employee representative assembly system to encourage employees to provide suggestions and advice on business management, while maintaining a long-term employee rights complaint and feedback mechanism. The concept of open factory affairs and democratic management is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


Hexin holds many cultural activities and outdoor development every year to help employees feel happy, arouse fighting spirit and achieve outstanding collectives.


Hexin organizes comprehensive sports games, basketball championships and tug-of-war competitions annually to encourage employees to keep fit and to live and work positively.