Leading Synthetic Leather Industry

Zhejiang Hexin Holdings Co., Ltd., formerly known as Jiaxing Suede Factory, was established in 1984. It is one of the earliest companies producing synthetic leather. After more than 30 years of development, Hexin now owns 11 holdings or wholly- owned subsidiaries, covering three major manufacturing lines of synthetic leather, microfiber, chemical engineering and its supporting industries. Manufacturing processes run in length of PU and microfiber synthetic leather, substrates, PU resin, pigment surfacing agents and chemical machinery. With continuous effort, Hexin has built the most complete industrial supply chain in the entire Chinese synthetic leather industry.

In 2004, Hexin introduced Japan Kuraray's microfiber technology and established a Sino- Japanese joint venture company (Hexin Kuraray). It successfully developed and produced synthetic microfiber leather with little to none distinction from genuine leather in structure. With the R&D strength, Hexin gradually led the industry from PU leather to high performance PU and microfiber leather, promoting a leveled-up product structure. Hexin's microfiber technology eventually filled the missing piece of Chinese synthetic leather.

Hexin was soon awarded the first 'National Certified Enterprise Technology Center', 'National High-tech enterprises' in the industry while achieving a NIKE TR-1 certified and CNAS certified laboratory. Hexin employed multi-national technical experts and became equipped with internationally advanced R&D instruments. Amid such advancement, Hexin continues in pursuit of excellence and product advancements to adapt the ever-changing market demand.



Founding the factory and introducing an
Italian wet-method manufacturing line


Jiaxing Hexin Chemical industry Co., Ltd. was
set up (current name: Zhejiang Hexin Science
& Technology Co., Ltd)


Jiaxing Suede Factory sold all its state-owned
assets for a shareholding system reform;
Zhejiang Hexin Industrial Co., Ltd. established


Hexin Industrial Park, the first enterprise
industrial park in Zhejiang Province, established.


Hexin Group established;
Hexin Kuraray MicrofiberFiber Leather
(Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. established


Awarded as a "Nationally Recognized
Enterprise Technology Center"


Company listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange


Major asset restructuring, establishing
Zhejiang Hexin Holdings Co., Ltd


Laid the foundation of Hexin Kuraray (Haiyan)
plant, covering an investment of 1 billion


Shanghai Hexin International Co., Ltd.