Address by Chairman of Board

The history of Hexin can be traced back to Jiaxing suede factory in 1984, one of the earliest synthetic leather manufacturers in China. Standing as a leader figure, Hexin was driven to industrialize the technology they had. Throughout the past 30 years, Hexin has gone through the ups and downs of Chinese economy. However, no matter how severe or prosperous it was, it was always the aim to pioneer and advance remembered by heart.

Today, Hexin has established a well-rounded industrial chain that runs through all three components: chemistry, cloth base and synthetic leather. The three major business segments run supporting machineries, logistics and trading businesses as a whole. With Hexin’s manufacturing line established in such manner, we have fulfilled the R&D concentration, save of cost, quality stability, efficiency improvement, and rapid custom service response. Each and every quality continues to spark vitality to the enterprise. Looking back, Hexin started from the 1.0 era where all businesses were decentralized, yet now have entered a 2.0 era of integration in pursuit of quality and service development.

With the ever-increasing diversified competition, Hexin promoted a new lean model in 2020 to improve business management, manufacturing efficiency and corporate foundation. Hexin values have rooted down deep into its people: “integrity, technological advancement for the good, and excellence in quality.” More importantly, the corporate built off of Hexin values did not only in line with contemporary management requirements, but also enveloped with the original characteristics of an upgraded "Hexin" brand.

As Yangtze River Delta’s development strategy soon transitioned to the national strategy, it will drive agglomeration, collaboration, and innovation for certain. Facing this critical opportunity ahead, Hexin seeks to strive for a higher position, broader outlook, and aspiring vision to become a longstanding leader of the industry. Hexin will drive innovation in the form of science and technology, broadening social values and prospects towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Chairman: Zhu Shanzhong